Bulding a FMIC

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Bulding a FMIC

Post by Kadet » Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:05 pm

Hey guys,
Quick introduction, I'm Mitch, kinda new to the area looking forward to meeting everyone as soon as the first 2014 event rolls around. I daily an 05 350z that hopefully will see the track and I have a KA24DET S13 back home in WA.

This post is about my s13, I'm scheming to have a custom FMIC built but I dont have an S13 to look at here to measure my dimensions. Was wondering if anyone around here can spit out some or wouldn't mind letting me look at their car sometime to get an idea.

I'm rocking no bumper reinforcement or that styrofoam junk, just the bumper cover then the core support.

Anything is appreciated and will help a ton because I havent seen my car in nearly a year and have to just go off of memory.
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