Drifting Videos - 2014, Part III

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Drifting Videos - 2014, Part III

Post by pr0craztinazn » Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:50 am

New month, new videos. If you don't have more than a couple of gigs of RAM in your system, loading will suck.


Victoria, Australia

New Jersey: Club Loose Drag Your Drift Car & Hot Moves

Queensland, Australia

New Hampshire: Club Loose North

Victoria, Australia



Kansas: Midwest Drift Union

Wales, United Kingdom



Streets of Willow, CA: ASB13. The tandem train footage is beautiful madness; I usually don't post pro videos, but this is worthwhile.

New South Wales, Australia


United Kingdom: Final Boss

Moscow, Russia

New South Wales, Australia

Victoria, Australia

Norfolk, England, United Kingdom

New Jersey: US Drift Round 2

New South Wales, Australia

San Francisco, CA: Golden Gate Drift
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