1990 Mazda RX-7 GTU and ALL my spare FC parts

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1990 Mazda RX-7 GTU and ALL my spare FC parts

Post by Saavedro88 » Tue Feb 03, 2015 1:27 pm

* Name: Pierce Ford
* Location: Richmond
* Means of Contact: I don't check this forum often, so please call/text me: 804 two one eight 5117. I don't answer numbers I don't know so leave me a message.


It hurts to do this, but it has come time to sell my beloved FC. I have owned this car for around 7 years, and loved every minute of it, but I have something else on the way and I need to make some space and get another car to drive. The car is for sale or for trade, only interested in trading for a 4WD SUV, I would love something like a 4Runner, or (if even possible) an FJ80 Land Cruiser.

Bad stuff I can think of: Right now the car is my daily driver, all my Hondas have broken down (irony much?). It smokes a bit on cold start up, but runs great, and has never let me down. The positive battery cable clamp is broken, but it's being held on with a hose clamp, and has been working fine like this for over a year. The transmission has been on it's way out for a very long time, bearing noise when driving in any gear, and is hard to shift into second and third when it's cold. The radio antenna no longer goes up and down, it's seized in the up position.

The body has about 184,xxx miles on it, and the engine has 132,xxx miles on it (~52k less than the body has). Engine is almost completely stock, has solid aluminum engine mounts and polyurethane transmission mounts. Clutch is an Exedy Stage 2, not much life left. The transmission that is in this car is the 5th one that I'm aware of that it's had. The NA tranny's aren't super weak, but not strong enough for the amount of abuse it gets. This current tranny makes noise pretty much all the time and is hard to shift sometimes. There's also a good bit of shifter slop. Driveshaft universal joints have been replaced with Rockford Driveline replacements. The stock 3.9 differential was swapped out for an 86 GXL 4.10 limited slip unit, which no longer limitedly slips (it's just worn out and open now). Every now and then you can feel a clunk from the rear when you put the car in gear, this is because the front diff mount is broken. Doesn't affect anything, but it should be replaced, or maybe have a pinion snub installed.

The body had a Maaco paint job probably 12-13 years ago, but it was done by the OWNER of that Maaco for his wife, so it's probably the best Maaco job I've ever seen. That being said, it is still peeling and faded in some places. The hood had a pretty large spot right in the middle that was peeling so I replaced the hood with the one off one of my parts cars. The sunroof was rusted and peeling, so I had a vinyl on it that also started to peel, so it has been painted over with plasti-dip. The spoiler is all still in one piece (these things break pretty regularly). There's a sizable dent in the left front fender right in front of the well. I think this was from a deer that hit the PO if I remember the story correctly.

Interior is all stock. The PO had some trouble with the cluster surround, so he put a couple screws through the dash to hold it in. The drivers seat bolster is torn and bleh, so there's a set cover on it, which is also starting to wear through. No A pillars or headliner, took them out to replace the sunroof assembly, and never put 'em back in. The sunroof works but needs a little help popping up. The stereo and rear speakers have been replaced, Kicker speakers, JVC head unit. Nothing special, just a few Open Box cheapo things to have some music. Momo steering wheel, no idea what size. I got the hub off of a Miata, no idea what brand.

The stock suspension has been replaced with Megan Racing Track coilovers front and rear (front's have camber plates). Corksport strut tower bars, front and rear. Front suspension is ALL Prothane polyurethane replacement bushings, rear control arms are as well (the kit didn't come with bushings for the rear camber arms or anything else in the rear). The Prothane stabilizer bar bushings won't fit what's on there, so I didn't install them. Racing Beat front stabilizer bar with adjustable end links, which is installed. I also have the rear bar which has not been installed, I preferred the way it felt without it, the OEM rear bar is still installed with adjustable end links.

The wheels are gold MazdaSpeed MS-01's, made by Rays, 17x8 in the front, 17x9 in the rear, both +35. These wheels were designed for FD fitment, so there are 1 inch spacers under both the front and rear wheels. The wheels are in poor shape, I'll just be honest here. They're peeling, faded, and very dirty, but they are two piece wheels, so not super hard to re-furbish. I also do not have the center caps for them. Tires are 205/40R17 in the front, and 235/40R17 in the rear. The tires are in decent shape, but have some inner wear from negative camber.

I used to autocross this car pretty regularly, and I still have my slicks mounted on Borbet Type A wheels that will come with the car. I also have two Turbo II wheels, and two 5th gen Prelude wheels that will come with it.

* Price: Asking $5000 for the car and all the parts. If you buy the car, you get the parts, it's non-conditional, I need the free space. As I said up at the top, I am also interested in a trade for a 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Bronco, Suburban, etc, anything 4WD and not tore up. Not really interested in Nissan's.

* Pics:
Please keep in mind these pictures are a little old, they show the previous wheels, and the unpainted sunroof. Most of these stickers have also been removed. I will upload current photos after I have been able to clean the car, as I said, it's currently my daily driver.


Here is one quick current photo.


Here is a list of everything that will come with this car.

- A box of random TurboII intake crap, pipes and hoses etc, throttle body, spare AC compressor, Alternator, and a disassembled turbocharger impeller.

-N351 ECU (factory ECU for S5 NA RX-7)

-S5 Engine wiring harness (appears to be complete)

-3 (yes, three) OEM engine oil coolers.

-TurboII hood, rattle-can sprayed white.

-Spare NA rear differential (3.9, in good shape) and transmission (transmission is no good anymore, needs to be rebuilt)

-Spare TurboII Transmission (with starter), rear differential (4.10 clutch type LSD), and driveshaft, and I THINK I have the TII axles somewhere too.

-TurboII non-powered steering rack.

-Drop Engineering rear differential Urethane mounts.

-Calipers. I have no idea why I have so many calipers. I have a total of 5 TurboII four piston front calipers, 2 NA single piston front calipers, and 3 rear calipers (same for TII and NA), as well as SEVERAL assorted pads.

- 2 (TWO. ONLY TWO. NOT A FULL SET) TurboII S4 sawblade wheels

-2 5th gen Prelude sawblades.

-4 Borbet Type A's, plasti-dipped black with racing slicks mounted (all four are the same): 16x7+35, wrapped in Hankook Ventus C70 225/50ZR16. Used for one entire autocross season, plus a couple odd events.

-Spare set of S5 taillights

-Spare set of headlight pop-ups with covers and bulbs.

-Full set of TurboII undercar heat shields.

-OEM Steering wheel

-OEM radio with equalizer

-Spare HVAC controller.

-Spare sunroof assembly, resprayed red. Operational condition unknown, but the motor and frame are all there.

-2 spare brake rotors, I believe they are for the front.

-A full set of front and rear OEM springs, as well as two rear and one front OEM spring/strut combo

-4 Tokico Illumina Shocks with Racing Beat springs mounted.

-2 Fortune Auto 9k coilover springs.

-2 spare cluster surrounds with random switches included.

-2 spare radiators, one S4, and one S5. As well as 3 radiator fan shrouds.

-Front and Rear S4 fascias. Black, good condition, the front fascia has the smaller version of the OEM lip still attached.

I have photos of all of this stuff that I can send/post or whatever.

Thanks for your time!
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