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Drift Nirvana 2013 - Changes and not really changes

    The 2013 year comes with only a few changes. The first major change is the step down of Lee Alexander as the event manager for Drift Nirvana. In his place, our very own Rapper Dan Savage is taking the reigns. Although, with this, none of regular activities will change and DN will be run as it always has.

    Rules and Regulations

    For those who haven't seen it, here is the rule book for 2013:

    Notable changes or re-emphasized rules:

    • No motorized "pit vehicles" are allowed
    • Spin twice in a single run means "stop drifting, drive off track"
    • If you crash/cut out, don't get out of the vehicle until personnel arrive
    • Spectators' parking is on the other side of the bridge
    • SA2005 or better helmet required
    • Reiterating Tandem Train specs


    This year, comp at events will be split into two types. Tandem and solo. This means that each event will be one OR the other. Tandem competitors must sign up online (method TBD) prior to the event day. The schedule for these days will be announced at a later date. Assume each event will be a solo competition unless otherwise specified.