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Drift Nirvana Blue course (Bridge) Guide

    Do you want to be able to do this?

    Here is a general breakdown of the most commonly used line through bridge course. Note that the video above doesn't 100% follow the instructions.

    For starters. Here is the google map view of Bridge course

    This tutorial will cover the main track method through Bridge course. This will be the first right hander into the down hill. No straight away, no carousel.

    First Half

    From the starting line, start a right handed drift just before the end of the rumble strips (0:09). This will give momentum for the following long left sweeper.

    From here, the first clipping point is an outer clip just as the track forks (0:11). It isn't really possible to touch the rear wheels on the rumble strip but the farther out you are here, the easier the next corner will be.

    As the car passes over the hill, the next apex will become apparent. With enough speed on the first corner, the car should miss the rumble strips (0:15).

    At this point, it's almost best to imagine a second inner clipping point. The ebrake or regular brakes will need to be used to keep the car tight against this corner (0:17). This tactic will help push the car to the outer clip coming up.

    The next clip should be fairly simple (0:22). Since this is an off camber corner down hill, not much input should be needed. It is worth noting that the track surface transitions with a bit of a bump and stickier pavement.

    At this point most lines vary. The most successful seems to be sticking to the outer clip to sling the car into the straight away. Some drivers shift into third at this point. (0:23)

    Second Half

    While transitioning and hugging the inside corner (0:26) for another apex, the car should transition outward (0:28). There is a dried mud puddle that makes an excellent visual cue. Although on rainy drift days, this does fill and become a lake.

    From here, a simple manji is performed (0:30). Some people that haven't upshift, do so at this point. Sometimes at the mud puddle.

    Finally big bend should be easily doable if all previous cues have been taken (0:32). Also remember to stop at the stopping cones.

    General Tips and Thoughts

    The more speed gained on initial entry to the course the easier the transition over the blind hill (#3) will be. It will push the car farther out. Too much speed will cause a dirt drop post this apex.

    The transition down hill into the straight away is the key to finishing big bend. The purpose of hugging the inside (#4 and #5) most of the down hill is to outer clip the second to last corner (#6 and #7). This should give the car enough speed to manji and complete big bend.