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Impending 2012 Beginner's Championship

    To start, if you want to sign up or want the super latest info, go here:

    The Competition

    This will be our 5th annual Beginner's Championship at Old Dominion Speedway. Since these are first year drivers or equivalent, this isn't a tandem type competition. The competition starts with a best run of 2 qualifying runs. The group is then broken down into the top 8 and run tier bracket style. 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, etc.

    At the top 8 level, drivers start with a clean slate. Your previous scores do not count. Each driver then does one run (4th place, then 5th place. As in 4th vs 5th). Judges score each run and decide which one is better. The winner advances to top 4. For another example, the next round would be 3rd place vs 6th place. Each driver does one run and the better driver of those runs advances.

    Top 4 is run the same way. 2nd vs 3rd, 1st vs 4th. The losers of this round do a battle for third place and the winners battle for first/second place over all.

    If the competition goes quickly (IE very little spinning), regular practice continues! So if you aren't competing, don't leave! Trophy ceremony is done at the starting line immediately after competition ends.

    Judging Criteria

    Due to beginner status, judging is fairly simplified. Spins are not automatic 0s but are a deduction of about 10 points. Ability to recover from a spin or straighten is key. The biggest criteria is ability to stay sideways with as much angle as long as possible. EG 20 manjis are actually better than straightening once between drifts. Line placement is next in line for judging criteria. Hitting apexes will separate men from the boys.

    If you manage to make it to the top 8, criteria becomes more about speed throughout the course with minimal straightening and no spins. All while still maintaining a reasonable line. At this point, however, speed at ODS will ONLY come with mastery of the proper line. We have had some pretty stiff competition in past years. The pressure of competition (even with solo runs) tends to make drivers improve drastically throughout the competition alone.

    Worst case scenario, you get the "You scare the shit out of us" award so feel free to sign up!

    Here is the normal Championship layout we will be running this year


    BrakeSwap has been nice enough to supply the prizes for our top three winners. First will get $60 to, second will get $30 to, and third will get $10 to