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Not running a BOV/BPV is like raping your turbo/engine

    This is a response I wrote a while ago on an E30 board in reference to running a BOV no a boosted motor. This is unedited and slightly incoherent. I still think it gets the point across.

    and Yoshi cant u just answer like the gents did..? or u cant write?? please GROW UP.....

    Sorry, I was going for imagery. I guess it didn't come across.

    Not running a bov is like raping your engine in the ass. Hard gay (the gent in leather) is like the turbo charger, ramming air with his rock hard cock. When your engine (the bent over guy) closes the throttle body , it's like that guy tightening his ass (read: anal sphincter). This is essentially your engine saying "please, no more anal sex". The guy in the white shirt is you gleefully ignoring the engine's plea for help.

    Normally, a bov or bpv, would be the turbo pulling out and jizzing all over the engine's back. This way, both your engine and the turbo conclude in an orgasm of pleasure (the sound of a blow off valve). But without it, your turbo tries to fuck your engine for yet another round of rough, and hazardous gay sex. The sound of your turbo's penis ramming into the closed asshole and not getting through is known as "compressor surge".

    Are there any side effects? At first, nothing bad will seem to happen. But after a few ass poundings, your turbo's penis will start to bleed, his will to live will slowly die. A section of your turbo's penis (impeller fins) could get broken off and stuck in the engine; causing instant death.

    Now some people are into that kind of kinky shit. Some engines will take it for years. Some engines will shit themselves instantly. Not running one is willingly letting your engine get raped. What kind of moron does that?

    Reference link is here: