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LovelessMedia Tutorial: How to take good Drifting Photos - Part 2

    For these two you want a low f/ setting. something like 6 or lower, then you want a slower shutter speed that isn't too slow to where you blur the car coming at you but fast enough to maintain sharpness. 1/320 is what i used here for the shutter and f/5.6 is the aperture setting.

    Here's another one focusing on motion. F/5.6, shutter at 1/200.

    I call this an abstract zoom shot. Depth of field is low due to the f/3.5 aperture setting but the shutter is high to give the best sharpness due to the fast panning of a high zoom burst of photos. Shutter is around 1/320-1/500.

    Editing seems to be a mystery to most people. Here's an original raw photo unaltered for an example.

    This is the edited product. This is an HDR shot. HDR stands for high dynamic range. This technique is used to show detail in shadows and light area while maintaining the same exposure level. In this instance I made it a little more artistic by upping the saturation and contrast and cropping in for that highly sought after telephoto effect. (zoomed in) Edits were made in Adobe CS5.