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DC area 2012 Drift Schedule Released

    A new drift season is upon us and 14 full days of drifting have been scheduled for this year. Below is the calendar in which we invest ourselves for what is about to come.
    FYI 10/12 is now 11/10. I'm too lazy to change the calendar

    Drift Nirvana Updates/Changes

    With the new year, DN will be regrouping and focusing more on safety. In order to do this, we have come up with many minor changes to DN. These changes are designed to help everyone who is participating to stay safe and to better manage Drift Nirvana as a whole.
    • Entrance gate will now hand out a sheet with general info (EG where spectators park)
    • Tech and registration now ends at noon
    • Regular comp starts after lunch. ~1pm
    • Tandem comp just after the regular comp. ~3pm
    • General admittance per event is now $10
    • Skid pad will now be $40
    • Tandems are now 2 cars per tandem unless all drivers are in tandem train group (TBD who is in TT category)
    • Tandem Train group gets two T's
    • Passenger's in tandems require fire suit as well as the driver

    Drift Nirvana Schedule:
    3/3/12 - Beginner's Clinic
    4/1/12 - Shenandoah drift day #1
    6/17/12 - Jefferson (in conjunction with Hyperfest)
    8/5/12 - Shenandoah drift day #2
    10/27/12 - Shenandoah drift day #3
    1-2/12/12 - 100 DoD. SC both days. Summit Main only on Sunday

    The Beginner's Clinic will be held much like last year. We have managed to snag SC for this event so it will be much more enjoyable. Details are yet uncertain. The driver cap will be 40 drivers. Unlike last year, no driver will be allowed on course without an instructor in the seat next to them. Interest/Questions/Comments are welcome to but as of now, these are all the details we can provide.

    Much like every year, this year we have a DN day that happens in conjunction with Hyperfest. This event will be held on Jefferson on the Sunday of Hyperfest. On top of this, the regular 100 DoD will take place on Shenandoah Circuit. Summit Main will only be accessible during Sunday.

    Safety/Tech form is here.

    Fresh Roots' Intro

    This is Fresh Roots' first full season in the DC area and will be holding 3 events at Shenandoah Speedway ( The track is large and smooth so swing by and check out this new track!

    Fresh Roots' Schedule:
    4/14/12 - Shenandoah Speedway
    7/21/12 - Shenandoah Speedway
    9/22/12 - Shenandoah Speedway

    Slideways Updates/Changes

    This year, Slideways is scaling up for the masses. The most notable change is the new ODS $40 entrance fee for all drivers. Spectators are still free. This is a 60% drop in price from last year! On top of that, Blue Crab Stadium has become a new venue. Admittance will more than likely be $100 per driver. With the help of USDrift and LookOut Drift, this event will open a whole new realm of possibilities for the DC area. For an Idea of BCS, simply look up "Blue Crab Stadium autox" for some awesome videos.

    3/10/12 - ODS Manassas VA
    7/7/12 - ODS (Beginner's Championship)
    8/25/12 - Blue Crab Stadium (Waldorf MD)
    10/13/12 - ODS Manassas VA