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Drift Nirvana: Spectator's Guide

    Unlike most motorsports, spectators make up a good portion of the life blood of drifting. Let's face it, it's damn fun to watch. Unfortunately, Drift Nirvana tends to lack proper guidance for spectators to figure out where the best viewing locations. The track was not originally designed with spectators in mind. Fret not, there are some good place to get some awesome pictures/videos of drifting.

    Before we get to the nitty gritty, you need to get to the track right? Summit Point has two entrances; one for Shenandoah Circuit and one for Summit Main. Both roads cross each other so even if you go in the wrong entrance, you can still make it anywhere in the facility. Below are links to each map and a line or two denoting how to get to that respective track. Note that Google Maps hasn't been updated to have Washington Circuit yet so I approximated.

    Jefferson Circuit
    Shenandoah Circuit
    Washington Circuit (aka Triple Skid Pad)

    Now that you are at the track you want to be at, where can you see the best action? From here on out, there are 2 methods of spectating. The first is kind where you can walk to at any point. The second requires you to coordinate with the flagger for the desired course and hitch a ride with a driver out to a gazebo. I know this takes some nerve to work up but it is VERY worth your while. To get back of the gazebo is a bit harder. You either have to have a friend pick you up or wait for lunch break or the end of the day. So when you go out there, make sure you have someone to come get you!

    Jefferson Circuit

    Let's start showing off spots with Jefferson.

    Unfortunately, JC isn't exactly the best place for spectating. There are really only 2 spots to spectate from. #1 is the gazebo on south course. #2 is where ever you can stand and watch from pit lane. It IS possible to walk around WC and get to the west side of the #1 gazebo but it is a very long walk. If anyone knows better spectating spots, please email me at

    Shenandoah Circuit

    Shenandoah Circuit (SC) is much better for spectating. The map below has two color coatings. Blue is any good spectator parking spot. Parking in the main paddock area is frowned upon as drivers will have their spots taken up when they come back to pack up or change tires. Please do not park in the main paddock area.

    #1 is actually a very nice spot to take pictures of Orange Loop (Pistol Grip). The red line leading up to it is the simplest walking path to get there. Believe me, the view from there is amazing.
    #2 and #3 are gazebos that require a hitched ride to get out to. Again, these are very worth while spectating spots. Unfortunately, #3 is the only view you can get of Green Loop (A Course)
    #4 is a set of bleachers Summit Point was nice enough to setup for us. It gives a great view of all of Blue Loop (Bridge Course).
    #5 is a gazebo that can be walked to. Again, great view from here.
    #6 and #8 are general standing locations that can be walked to easily.
    #7 requires the spectator to be on the upper level of the driver's meeting house. It does give a good view of Orange Loop and some of Green Loop.

    That's it! If you know any better locations or have suggestions, feel free to email me at Happy spectating!