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ODS 8-25-11 Slideways Drift day review

    This was our second and maybe last drift day for the year. Instead of a generic "this is what happened" but instead I'll give my eyes on that day.

    First off, I was vastly unprepared for the rain. Our main desk wasn't setup for it and my wife (the lovely front desk lady) had to scramble to keep our waivers dry. I hate starting the day so late but the city around ODS has a no loud noises before noon clause. Believe me, we have had complaints about sound before. It's why we can't use the parking lot anymore.

    In the future, we really should plan the day better. We had about 14 people in the beginning of the day so running multiple run groups was an idea but I put it up to a vote. Since no one else runs events, I'm not sure anyone was prepared for how things run with 1 run group and 30 drivers. Yes, our total driver count was about 30! Also, the track layout wasn't predecided. In the future, I'll plan this better and literally hand out papers with the track layout drawn on them.

    We had a grand total of 6 accidents on track. Most were wall love taps but we did have 2 possibly totaled cars. Freeman Trailer Repair was nice enough to help us tow cars off track along with our very own Clayton Ashby. I partially blame rain. The track randomly dried out then got wet again in random spots. This made for drifting frustrating for many of our drivers. I wish we could do something about this.

    In the end, we had TONS of new drivers and that is really what I wanted. Once you get your first real taste of the track, you 100% will come back. I don't think we can ever do another $20 day but you bet I'll keep the prices as low as I possibly can.

    If you ever make it to an ODS drift day, remember that we try to highjack a local IHOP immediately after the event to sit and chat about anything. The above picture is probably our second biggest turn out ever! So come one come all and drift at ODS!