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ODS Layout Matrix

    I've always had problems coming up with different layouts for ODS. In any given situation, ODS really only has 2 possibilities. Now and then, there is a third option but it either is a terrible idea or cuts the run time too short. As a result, I figured I would just literally write out all the viable possibilities. Admittedly, a good amount aren't great layouts but why not at least make it?

    If you've never been at ODS here are some notes:
    Weigh station is the front straight away in the infield
    Back straight is the only other straight on the infield
    MO is the mini oval (the D shape on the right of the infield)
    CC is counter clockwise
    CW is counter clockwise
    Exit Left is the left most exit from the infield
    Exit Right is the upper of the two exits from the infield
    There are no other options for entries as the left exit is shaped wrong and the other two openings face guard rails
    Oval direction has to be counter clockwise

    Below is a quick diagram of every layout:
    The Horse shoe
    Devil Horns
    Crossed Arms
    The Pinch
    Big 8
    Quick in and out
    Dot the I
    Double Knot
    Cork Screw
    Extended Championship
    Snow Man
    Kid in a sleeping bag
    The Shrimp
    The Big O

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