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Drift Nirvana Shennandoah Course - Where do I go?

    Recently I've gotten a few emails with simple questions for any DN vet. Things like "What is orange loop?" or "where do I paddock?". Hopefully this helps clear things up. Click the image below for a larger version of the picture

    Simply put, the lines denote what track the colors will lead you to. Perpendicular lines denote normal starting points. We should note that some times orange loop has a different starting point but the image has the normal placement. Things like paddocking are fairly open but the yellow area is the general location used.

    When entering Summit Point raceway as a whole, there is the main entrance and the shenandoah entrance. This image denote the shenandoah entrance. The white area shows you where to go but there are multiple path ways that will lead you away from SC (Shenandoah Circuit). Follow the signs and you will eventually find the bridge that goes over blue course. Paddock on the right, register and come for the driver's meeting at the house on your left.

    Below is a video of Nate Brasz from a few years back. He tells me the video is embarrassing and he should take it down (it's still much better than what I can do) but it gives you the basic layout of each track.

    It goes: Green loop, orange loop, blue loop (non alternate)

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