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FT-86 redubbed FR-S: Due out next year

    Allegedly this car is supposed to be the perfect balance of everything. It should probably sell better than the Hyundai Genesis but I'm unsure of it's overall presence in our drift world. The major factor here is that the FR-S needs to be cheap. But it won't. So all the pros and cons are useless unless the price is right. I feel like this will be the downfall of our AE86 successor. I'm hoping they will come out with a cheaper version that can be upgraded and affordable for your average tuner.

    Toyota built boxer engine (not a drop in from subaru)
    Light weight
    LSD factory
    RWD/stick shift available

    Base price is competing with the genesis and mustang (~$23k) but it is reported to be near the $30k mark with only a single trim package.