Polyurethane and you

    By: Yoshi Jeffery

    One of the first maintenance/upgrades performed on used cars tends to be bushings. Most drivers upgrade from rubber to a polyurethane bushing. But be careful! Not all polys are made alike.

    Below is an example of a durometer hardness scale for different types of materials used for bushings.

    Image from http://www.plasticsintl.com/

    ODS 8-25-11 Slideways Drift day review

    This was our second and maybe last drift day for the year. Instead of a generic "this is what happened" but instead I'll give my eyes on that day.

    ODS Layout Matrix

    I've always had problems coming up with different layouts for ODS. In any given situation, ODS really only has 2 possibilities. Now and then, there is a third option but it either is a terrible idea or cuts the run time too short. As a result, I figured I would just literally write out all the viable possibilities. Admittedly, a good amount aren't great layouts but why not at least make it?

    The Banjo Music Was Drowned Out By Drifting, Drift Nirvana Summit, Point West Virginia

    By Doug Moseley

    Nirvana by one dictionary term is a freedom from pain, worry and the external world. At 5am today I began my trek in that external world known as Apex, NC in search of Drift Nirvana at Summit Point, West Virginia. My journey took me through the cities of Raleigh and Richmond then out in to the sticks of Northern Virginia. As I continued... these sticks turned to beautiful scenery reminiscent of my time in Germany only it was corn and not grapes covering the hillside. My transportation was a Dodge Ram with me at the wheel instead of a Volvo with me in a child seat. The RUF Porsches were replaced by grandma in her Chevy Celebrity doing 5 mph UNDER the posted speed limit.

    Drift Nirvana Shennandoah Course - Where do I go?

    Recently I've gotten a few emails with simple questions for any DN vet. Things like "What is orange loop?" or "where do I paddock?". Hopefully this helps clear things up. Click the image below for a larger version of the picture

    Getting into Drifting, Now-a-Days!

    I’ve dreamt of Drifting ever since the age of fourteen when my friends showed me videos of Tsuchiya the Drift King, WRC, and Initial D later on. Unfortunately I was not able to follow my interest in drifting until much later in life due to lack of funds, knowledgeable people, and many other reasons. My dreams of drifting faded into the depths of my mind. Ten years later I purchase a FWD sporty daily driver with good pickup, rediscovering my “Need for Speed.” All of my dreams of drifting came rushing back. Decided then and there I will learn to drift!

    Took the first steps into the drifting world in November 2010. Not knowing really anything about drifting or cars. I needed to do a lot of research. First, I needed to find out if there was drifting in my area. I spent my free time looking for a group, organization, or locations I could legally learn to drift. Surprisingly, I found little information on it, but I did discover AutoX through SCCA. I joined SCCA because I thought it would be a alternative to drifting. I continued to search for about a month without much luck. I didn’t think I would find a drifting group in my area until someone suggested I take a look at Summit Point race way. I went to their website and found out about Drift Nirvana (DN), and found their forums. This was great news! I started asking a ton of questions about drifting techniques, when is the next event, good cars to drift, what to expect, etc. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. They told me the drift season won’t start until Feb of next year. I had plenty of time to prepare.

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    SW ODS day Aug/Sep *Update*

    We have finally been sponsored for our next event! So the questions become when and how? Below are the following proposed dates:


    FT-86 redubbed FR-S: Due out next year

    Allegedly this car is supposed to be the perfect balance of everything. It should probably sell better than the Hyundai Genesis but I'm unsure of it's overall presence in our drift world. The major factor here is that the FR-S needs to be cheap. But it won't. So all the pros and cons are useless unless the price is right. I feel like this will be the downfall of our AE86 successor.

    DA qualifying competition

    I usually don't like reposting stuff that you can easily find other places but I love competitions like this. Maybe I can do something like this for slideways? It's a good sense of community and accomplishment.

    ECDC July 30/31 at Summit Point - $5,000 purse!


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