Not running a BOV/BPV is like raping your turbo/engine

    This is a response I wrote a while ago on an E30 board in reference to running a BOV no a boosted motor. This is unedited and slightly incoherent. I still think it gets the point across.

    and Yoshi cant u just answer like the gents did..? or u cant write?? please GROW UP.....

    Sorry, I was going for imagery. I guess it didn't come across.

    LovelessMedia Tutorial: How to take good Drifting Photos - Part 2

    For these two you want a low f/ setting. something like 6 or lower, then you want a slower shutter speed that isn't too slow to where you blur the car coming at you but fast enough to maintain sharpness. 1/320 is what i used here for the shutter and f/5.6 is the aperture setting.

    LovelessMedia Tutorial: How to take good Drifting Photos

    Article submitted by: Jonathan Loveless
    How to take good drifting (or motorsports in general) photos.

    A lot of people have been asking me about motorsports photography, and to tell you the truth its actually one of the easier photography subjects in my opinion. There are three absolutely needed items to have good photos.

    FD 2012 Tire rules and what it means for us little guys

    More so than tire compound/brand/type, the many smaller drift scenes seem to ignoring proper tire sizing. Today we will talk about tire width. Originally, one would think that you want the skinniest tires possible. In reality, you want the widest tires you can possibly run.


    Top Newbie Mistakes

    Yearly, we get an influx of new drivers. Some came to 100dod and did a skid pad run, some just find us via google. Regardless, this time of year seems to be newbie central. The following article is my personal take on the most common goofs I see first timers make.

    Driving Zen. A beginner's guide.


    I'm going to try to make a few articles geared towards 100% beginners so I thought I would start with this topic.

    DC area 2012 Drift Schedule Released

    A new drift season is upon us and 14 full days of drifting have been scheduled for this year. Below is the calendar in which we invest ourselves for what is about to come.
    FYI 10/12 is now 11/10. I'm too lazy to change the calendar

    Drift Nirvana: Spectator's Guide

    Unlike most motorsports, spectators make up a good portion of the life blood of drifting. Let's face it, it's damn fun to watch. Unfortunately, Drift Nirvana tends to lack proper guidance for spectators to figure out where the best viewing locations. The track was not originally designed with spectators in mind. Fret not, there are some good place to get some awesome pictures/videos of drifting.

    How Drift Nirvana (solo comp) is judged

    Judging drifting is probably the most difficult part of the sport. Unlike Time Attack or your normal HPDE day, drifting is subjective. In the end, that means a judge decides who wins or loses. At Drift Nirvana, we lack drift boxes, radar guns, or any fancy equipment. We have a pen and paper.

    Fret not! There is a rhyme and reason for everything. The following are the general guidelines used to judge solo comp runs at DN.

    Impending 100DOD

    In less than a month, for both days of the weekend of the first week in December, we will be drifting! I figured I should take a moment out to write a little something for the website and answer a few questions that I've been asked.

    What is the schedule?
    It's a normal drift schedule for both days. Here is a rough estimate


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